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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Great things are on the way!

Hello Everyone,
After the recent "Are You the One" post, I'm sure you all are wondering whats going on with The Fellowship of Christian Bloggers. Well, I want to let you all know, that there are some great things in the works! Please be patient with us as it will take a little time to get the new site up and going, but once it is, I hope you will find it even better then before.
In the mean time, I need your help:

Blog Categories
In preparation for re-opening the FOCB membership applications, We are going to divide the member directory into categories. This will help readers find the topics they are looking for. I want to make sure that I put your Blog in the proper category. If you wish to continue having your blog listed in our member directory, please reply and let me know which category best fits your blog. If you don't see a category that describes your blog, please let me know the closest fitting category, but also let me know if you feel I need to add a category.

Adoption - Christian Blogs focusing on Adoption
Art - Christian Artists
Bible Studies - Blog Posts containing study's of the Bible
Blogging/Internet/Social Media - Christian Blogs about reaching people online
Crafts - Christian craft projects
Devotionals - Devotional posts or other inspiring lessons
Everything Else - All other Christian Blogs that don't fit in another category
Family Life - Parenting & leading a Christian family
Grief - Christian Blogs about dealing with grief
Health & Wellness - Christian Blogs about staying (or getting) fit & healthy
Humor - Christian Humor
Men's Ministry - Christian Blogs geared towards men
Ministry - Ministry resources for Pastors & other Church leaders
Missions - Christian Ministry Blogs
Money/Business/Frugal Living - Christian Blogs about making or saving money

New Features
What would you like to see added to FOCB? We want to make FOCB the best possible resource for YOU.

Are you willing to help?
One person can only do so much. Several people working together, can accomplish much more. Are you willing to volunteer with FOCB?
  • Site Moderator
  • Forum Moderator (Yes, we're adding a Forum!)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Anything else you would like to contribute
Let us know, we'd love to have you on the team!

Thank you all for your patience with us and for all you do to spread the Gospel online!
In His service...
... for His glory


  1. How would you like us to reply as to where we feel our blogs would fit? Also, maybe a category for biblical based teachings in general.

  2. Thanks, David R. - Just sent you an email with where to send your category selection.

  3. I guess I need an email also. I think I have two blogs listed with you...

  4. Everyone should have received an email yesterday about the new changes. You can just reply to that email. If you didn't receive one, it might be in your "spam" folder, although it is definitely not spam. :) If you can't find it, you can use the Contact form link in the menu above and let us know the name(s) of your blogs and which category they fit into. Thanks!