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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are You The One?

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To all Fellowship of Christian Bloggers Members:

Hello, friends!  I’m writing to you to day to ask if you are the one I’ve been praying for?

FOCB has been in existence for 16 months. In that time we have gone from 1 member (me) to over 300 members and it would probably be twice that many if I had not closed the membership several months ago. I didn’t want to close it. I want it to grow and grow and grow, but unfortunately, I no longer had the time to devote to it that I once had. I’m still getting daily requests for membership and we are averaging around 100 hits per day on the blog, although I have not been posting very often.

I’ve been praying for someone to take over the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers. This group has sooooo much potential for growth and maybe even for monetary income for the right person. So, my question is...are you the one?  The one I’ve been praying for? Are you tech savvy? Would you know how to grow this website and blog? Do you have the time to devote to growing the FOCB? More importantly, do you have a heart for encouraging others to use blogging to share their lives and their love for Jesus Christ with the world? That’s the mission of the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers, so I’d like to see someone step up who has a real passion for Christian blogging and Christian bloggers.

I am not selling this organization – I just want to pass the torch on to someone who feels called in this area.  (Preferably a current member of FOCB.) If you feel this might be you, please contact me so that we can talk about it. In the event we have several persons interested, I will prayerfully consider each one, then make a selection. If you're interested or want more information, please send me an email at focb(at)

It has been an absolute pleasure visiting your blogs and getting to know you all. I would still like to be a member of the FOCB, but just don’t have the time to give it the attention it needs.

I’ll ask again...are you the one I’ve been praying for?

Thank you for taking the time to consider this and for being a member of the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers.